Mindori has shut down. We competed against the best in the world, made key customers happy but didn't have a path to winning the market. Sometimes you swing and miss, and sometimes you swing and you hit, and sometimes the market changes and you get a wicked curveball that’s not really hittable in time. Rather than bunting, we thought it better to find another game. We’d like to thank our backers (YC, Pear and Zhenfund) for their support and look forward to seeing everyone in the next round.

We've released an open-source keyword spotter and 700MB dataset from our 2016 NeurIPS workshop paper "An End-to-End Architecture for Keyword Spotting and Voice Activity Detection" (https://github.com/mindorii/kws) and hope the community can benefit from it.


For e-commerce companies, the most accurate way to search your app by voice

Build magical conversational search for your app in minutes, with no learning curve


"What about shirts that I can wear at a wedding?" 
Search over concepts that you may not have thought to index in your database.


"Find a green shirt"
"What about in red?" 
Make the experience magical for users through context.

CUSTOM speech

Was it "Koffee Kult" or "coffee cult"? Customize speech recognition models for your product catalog and customer queries.

HIGHLY Automated

Get started in minutes. Improving the model requires only minutes per day, not hours.


Track user preferences and deliver customized suggestions based on their buying behavior and patterns.


Export your generated models to popular assistant or chatbot frameworks automatically.

How it works

  • your data

    Securely and automatically ingest anonymized data from your user logs, product catalog and mobile app source code.

  • model

    Cutting-edge NLU and NLP models mold your data into a customized assistant.

  • personalize

    Edit the model, if desired, by adding weights and correcting examples.

  • deploy

    Deploy your search agent to your iOS or Android apps or to popular chatbot platforms like Facebook Messenger or Wechat.

Beta Release

We're currently in beta working with pilot partners.
Reach out to founders@mindori.com to talk about joining the beta.


Awni Hannun
Awni hannun

Chris Lengerich
Chris lengerich

Tim Shi
Tim Shi
The Intern


We're always on the lookout for exceptional people.
Reach out to founders@mindori.com with an explanation of why you fit.

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